• 19 Evaporators Projects sold since 2009
    • Whole Milk
    • Skim Milk
    • High Heat Skim Milk
    • Buttermilk
    • MPC (milk protein concentrate)
    • WPC (whey protein concentrate)
    • Permeate
    • Salt Whey
    • DLP (de-lactosed permeate)
    • CIP Recovery Water
    • Solids Recovery Liquids

MVR (mechanical vapor recompression) and TVR (thermal vapor recompression) designs are available to optimize initial capital cost, energy efficiency, and Return on Investment

Key Features

  • Efficient thermal design
  • Consideration for product residence time vs. temperature and product effects
  • Options for High heat products & methods
  • Options for Flash cooling
  • Consideration for Cleanability & turnaround time
  • Various mechanical Design Options
  • Operating costs estimation
  • Return on investment calculations

CFR designs and builds evaporators in-house with our engineers and fabricators. This allows better quality control and better control of deliverables such as engineering design and equipment shipments.

The purchase of CE Rogers Company in 2011 was an addition of a respected evaporator/dryer “brand” that is over 150 years old.